'Top Chef' Star Padma Lakshmi Posts Nude Bathtub Photo After Being 'on the Road for Six Months Straight'

Top Chef star Padma Lakshmi recently posted about how she's "been on the road for six months straight" while sharing a nude bathtub photo of herself celebrating the fact that she finally got "a minute" to herself. In the snapshot, Lakshmi is seen laying a copper bathtub taking a milk-bath, and there are flower petals floating around in the water with her. Along with her caption, she included hashtags for "self care" and "treat your self" to express that she was desperate for this little bit of downtime after being so busy for so long.

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Many of Lakshmi's fans and followers have since commented on the post, with one writing, "I have a new found love for copper tubs now and rose petals."

"I have a bathroom photographer as well. It's awkward sometimes," someone else joked.

Among the events on Lakshmi's busy schedule over the last several months, was a New York Comedy show she curated herself, called Padma Puts on Another Comedy Show. At the time, the TV host spoke with Vulture about her love of comedy, and explain that it was rooted in an old Joan Rivers album she had when she was younger.

"I always loved listening to comedy, even when I was in high school. I had a Joan Rivers album, What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most? It's her on the cover in a fur coat and diamonds," she recalled. "I remember listening to that album [so much] that I knew it verbatim. And I really have a lot of admiration for comedy. It's the hardest art form, as a performer."

She went on to elaborate that comedy is so tough "because every crowd is different, and comedy is subjective. And it's just a scary thing to be up there with nothing but your words. The thing I love about [putting on comedy shows] is that it allows me to be on the edge of a career that I never had the confidence to have, but have always been deeply curious about."

She later went on to comment why she thinks comedy has "opened up more for women, queer people, and people of color," saying, "I think it makes comedy accessible to more of us. We're hearing more jokes and funny stories about the diversity of life. It opens the door not only for other people to work in that space, but also opens the door for many, many thousands more people to laugh."


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