Tomi Lahren Mocks Kathy Griffin's Notorious Trump Photo With Halloween Costume

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren recently mocked Kathy Griffin's notorious Trump photo with her new [...]

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren recently mocked Kathy Griffin's notorious Trump photo with her new Halloween costume.

In the photo, Lahren wore a red wig and a blue shirt while holding up a terrifying clown mask.

"Trump Derangement Syndrome. Happy Halloween [Kathy Griffin]," she wrote in a caption on the photo.

Having seen Lahren's Twitter post, Griffin fired back, joking about the conservative commentators originality.

"Gosh you are just so original [Lahren]! I thought images like this one incite violence! At least that's what you and your colleagues at [Fox News] have told me for the past year and a half," she quipped. "I'm busy on tour right now or I'd dress up as you: a dumb, racist, and talentless hack."

Lahren responed a short while later with a fake apology designed to take more jabs at Griffin.

"You're right Kathy, if I was trying to impersonate you I should have worn the clown mask instead. That's my bad," she quipped. "Happy Halloween! Xoxo."

Lahren also shared the photo on Instagram, and include a more elaborate message designed to poke fun at Griffin.

"He ruined me. Sometimes I do things and you may wonder, Kathy, where is your head at? Well folks, I'm taking matters into my own hands," Lahren captioned the same pic on Instagram. "Yes, some may say I am looking more and more like Ronald McDonald by the day and you're not wrong. BUT I will stand here with my head held high! Happy Halloween from all of us infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome! MAGA! #TeamTomi #happyhalloween #KathyGriffin #PrayersforRonald #tagKathy"

Lahren's photo and captions are clearly meant to ridicule Griffin for the controversial 2017 image of the comedian holding up a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump.

Following a major backlash over the photo, the comedian apologized for the photo, but the photographer who snapped it, Tyler Shields has continued to stand by it.