Why Tom Hanks' Latest Coronavirus Update Is Getting Called Out

On Sunday morning, actor Tom Hanks offered a refreshing update to fans via his social media [...]

On Sunday morning, actor Tom Hanks offered a refreshing update to fans via his social media accounts following the announcement that he and wife, Rita Wilson had tested positive for the coronavirus disease and were seeking treatment. The couple, who is currently quarantined in Australia, are seemingly doing much better — circumstances considered. But it was the two-time Oscar winner's simple photo of his breakfast that stirred a vibrant response from social media, leaving many confused over the amount of vegemite spread on his toast.

While most Australians love the iconic, dark brown savory spread, it is also one that is incredibly polarizing with its taste. The thick paste made from yeast extract flavored with vegetables and spices, is often used for sandwiches, crumpets and used as an ingredient in pastries. Roughly four times the cost of the chocolate-hazelnut spread, Nutella, there is oftentimes a way to eat vegemite since its strong taste goes a long way. Spread lightly on toast or crackers along with some butter, the keyword with Australians is "lightly." However, the amount Hanks spread on his toast is one that has raised more than a few eyebrows among social media users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

"Dear Tom, that's lovely but you spread the vegemite way too thick!" added another Twitter user. "The secret to vegemite toast is 1/3 vegemite to 2/3 butter maximum! And add smashed avocado for extra awesomeness."

"I can taste the roof of Tom Hanks' mouth right now," one fan wrote on Twitter, while another suggested the actor "scrape around 60% of that vegemite off, otherwise it's gonna be nasty and hurt your mouth friend."

"Tom we love u u don't need to eat vegemite to impress us, we all know it's garbage," wrote one fan, while another chimed in: "With that amount of vegemite the coronavirus is probably thinking let's get outta here it's not safe."

While Hanks' image was accompanied with a cheerful caption that thanked those who helped him and encouraged fans to lending a hand during this trying time across the globe, the Forrest Gump actor sent his deepest "thanks to the helpers," referencing a quote from Fred Rogers. "Let's take care of ourselves and each other. Hanx."

Hanks' image has been liked more than 1.2 million times between the three networks since it was uploaded, with many echoing the same sentiment over the vegemite.

On March 11, the 63-year-old first revealed he and his wife, Wilson came down with the illness. They had body aches and colds, as well as chills and fever, which led them to being tested for the virus. The test turned out to be positive, so they entered quarantine to keep from spreading the illness. There is no word on when Hanks and Wilson will leave isolation as of press time.

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images