Fans React to Tila Tequila's Video Meltdown

Former reality star Tila Tequila took to Facebook Live on Wednesday and ranted about everything from the adult film industry, to the LGBT community, to even considering gender reassignment.

Naturally the rant caught the eye of social media users, who found the meltdown both shocking and hilarious.

Tequila claims in the video to be reborn Christian in the video, and suggests adult film stars and Hollywood actors are being punished for their sins.

"God hears me and He makes it so, that's why so many porn stars are dying off," Tequila said. "...For all you wicked souls, you can laugh and mock me all you want because that's not going to get you into the kingdom of heaven," she said. "If anyone comes against me you're coming against everything that is pure."

Tequila got her first shot at fame on the 2007 reality show A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, where she had contestants from both genders compete for her affection.


More recently she was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, but was pulled from the show after just one day of taping when producers learned of her pro-Hitler and white supremacist views.