Tiffani Thiessen Reveals Whether She Will Return for 'Saved By the Bell' Reboot (Exclusive)

Fans recently caught wind that the '80s and '90s favorite sitcom Saved By the Bell will be making a return for a reboot, and while Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley are set to make a comeback, Tiffani Thiessen says she will not be joining her former cast members to reprise her role as Kelly Kapowski. While in conversation exclusively with PopCulture.com, the actress confessed she didn't even know there was a reboot.

"I didn't know anything about the reboot," Thiessen told PopCulture.com. "I heard about it the moment you guys heard about it, and Mark-Paul [Gosselaar] was the same, Mark-Paul didn't know anything about it either."

While fans are patiently waiting for a much anticipated return, it's still up in the air on who all will star in the popular series. While Thiessen won't be stepping back into her old shoes, she did admit she's not too shocked the show is coming back to life.

"I guess I'm not shocked because I feel like everybody's doing a reboot, everybody's rebooting every show, every movie, it's all being redone" she said after being asked what her thoughts were on the return. "I guess I'm not shocked about it, I guess I'll be curious as everybody else to see what exactly it is, I don't know anything."

Not to worry though as the fan-favorite actress can always been seen on Netflix in an original series called, Alexa and Katie which first aired in March 2018. The series is about two best friends, trying to live their best life, except that Alexa (Paris Berelc) was diagnosed with cancer and is just trying to blend in with everyone else she goes to high school with. Thankfully, her best friend Katie (Isabel May) is there by her side through thick-and-thin, every step of the way. Thiessen's character, Lori Mendoza, is Alexa's mom who tries to give her daughter a life without limits.

"I think it showcases, what I think most people can say, they've been touched by cancer in some form, and I think the fact that you watch a teenager who is already going through all the normal angst of high school, and how a best friend and family can support you in times of something that's as tough as cancer, and I think it really, kind of normalizes it a little bit and really just shows how she's not any different than any other kid," the mom of two explained when describing why she signed on to play a role in the Netflix show.

Not only is she busy with her acting career, but Thiessen hasn't slowed down in other areas of her life. After publishing her first children's book, You're Missing It, alongside her husband Brady Smith, she is also planning on releasing more of the genre in the near future.

Brady Smith and Tiffani Theissen
(Photo: Michael Tullberg, Getty)

Moreover, she is also planning for another cookbook after her debut, Pull Up A Chair, which was published last year. However, she recently partnered with Maple Hill Creamery — America's original grass-fed organic dairy — and is thrilled about it for several reasons.

"I grew up as a milk drinker of course, that's how my parents raised me, and we're the same in the Smith family. I've always wanted to, of course, give my kids and my family the best of the best, and ultimately I found the best," she said.

"I thought organic was definitely the highest you could get your kids but actually, I learned that grass-fed is even better than organic," Thiessen added.

Although fans won't see one of their favorite faces return to the SBTB reboot, Thiessen doesn't plan on slowing down as she anticipates another book being published and is currently "in development for another food show as well."