'The View' Hosts Slam Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband

The women of The View shared their support for Wendy Williams amid her divorce from husband Kevin Hunter.

The panel discussed the end of The Wendy Williams Show host's 21-year marriage to Hunter — and the news he was served the papers Thursday just before taping the latest episode of the show — amid reports his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to a baby in March.

Joy Behar brought up previous affair allegations Williams once opened up about in her 2001 book, Wendy's Got The Heat. Hunter is also an executive producer on Williams' talk show, as well as her manager, as first reported by TooFab.

"That's a red flag to me, hello! If you're not getting it on and enjoying each other in the honeymoon period, imagine when the black hole appears," Behar said during Friday's episode. "I think if someone cheats in the beginning, they will cheat again."

Meghan McCain praised Williams for being a "self-made woman," but adding she may not have the best people around her.

"When I was coming up, I had the luxury of having parents, agents, a lawyer, people that were there to protect me and it seems like [Hunter] hasn't been protecting her," McCain said.

"All of my interactions with her have been lovely. I felt nothing but compassion for her throughout all of this because this has been playing out in the tabloids," McCain added. "This is a woman who looks like she's in a lot of pain, I wish her nothing but love and compassion. Being vulnerable on TV when she was talking about living in a halfway house, I actually cried when I watched it. She's in a lot of pain, she's a real talent, I wish her nothing but compassion and love and I hope she comes back stronger than ever."

She added, "Screw that guy, she doesn't need him!"

Sunny Hostin also spoke in support of Williams, giving her thanks for giving her a start on her radio show. She also said she hopes the divorce will finally give Williams a chance to cut ties with Hunter.

"It's The Wendy Williams Show, that is her show," she said. "My advice to Wendy is, your name is on that shingle. She's gotta dump everything and maybe she has to start anew, maybe she has to shutter that show and maybe it has to be called The Wendy Show or the How You Doin' Show or whatever, but it's not his show and she's gotta just get rid of him."


"And shame on him, who is he to do all that nonsense?!" she then asked. Behar ended the conversation calling Wendy a "friend of the show and saying they're all "rooting" for her.

Williams has stayed silent after news broke of the divorce filing, though she notably did not wear her wedding ring during Thursday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, weeks after she said no one had to worry about her marriage as long she still wore her ring.