'The Talk': Sharon Osbourne Opens up About Husband Ozzy's Health Scares

The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne recently opened up about her husband Ozzy's numerous health scares over the past year.

During Monday's episode of the daytime talk show, Osbourne said, "Probably this year has been the toughest year of my life. My husband's illness. His accident has been absolutely devastating to me, to everybody." She then added, "And it's definitely been the most toughest ride I've had so far and I hope the only tough ride. I can't take anymore."

Her Talk co-panelist Sara Gilbert asked, "What was it like to read that it was also [your son] Jack's toughest year?" Osbourne replied, "I cried and I felt so proud that he's my boy and the way he conducts himself."

It has been quite a year for Ozzy, as the rocker was admitted to the hospital last year because of contracting an infection in his hand.

Then this year, he was treated for pneumonia, and recently had to undergo surgery to correct issues from a past injury. Each situation caused the rock music icon to have to cancel or postpone concert dates.

After the announcement of having to cancel concerts, Ozzy issued a statement saying, "I'm completely devastated for having to postpone the European leg of my tour. It just seems that since October everything I touch has turned to s—."

"First the staph infection in my thumb and now coming down with the flu and bronchitis," he went on to say, explaining what he's been through over the last several months.


"I want to apologize to all of my fans who have been so loyal over the years, my band, my crew and to Judas Priest for letting you all down," the Black Sabbath singer added. "However, I promise the tour with Judas Priest will be completed. It's being rescheduled right now to start in September. Again, I apologize to everyone. God Bless. Love you all, Ozzy."

At this time, it appears as if Ozzy will likely be taking the rest of the year off to focus on his recovery.