'The Ring' Star Daveigh Chase Faces Arrest Warrant Over Drug Charges

Daveigh Chase, star of The Ring, has officially been charged with possession of a controlled substance, and there is now a warrant out for her arrest according to a new report by The Blast.

Chase played the terrifying little girl in the horror classic The Ring, along with several other beloved roles in the early 2000s, such as Chihiro Ogino in the dubbed version of Spirited Away. Chase was arrested back in August when police say they caught her in possession of an unnamed controlled substance. She was finally charged on Nov. 6, according to newly acquired court documents.

Chase was hit with two misdemeanor charges — possession of a controlled substance without a valid prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia. There was still no word on exactly what she had, though the first charge seems to suggest that they were prescription drugs rather than street drugs.

Now, police are on the lookout for Chase. A judge issued an arrest warrant ordering that she be locked up if she is caught by law enforcement. Chase has been absent from social media since November of 2017. If convicted, Chase is looking at one year in jail as well as a fine of $1,000.

At the time of her arrest, Chase spent two hours in lockup with the Los Angeles Police Department. She was released on $1,000 bond, and that was not her first tangle with law enforcement.

The actress, who also voiced Lilo Pelekai in Lilo & Stitch, had been arrested in November of 2017 when the LAPD pulled her over in an allegedly stolen car. Chase was booked on a felony charge for driving in a car without the owner's consent.

Earlier last year, she was arrested yet again in connection with the death of a man outside of a Los Angeles hospital. The man was left outside the front doors unattended and died sometime later. Police questioned Chase, who had allegedly been hanging out with the man sometime earlier. However, she was released without a charge, and police reportedly believed she had nothing to do with the man's death.

Chase's recent interactions with law enforcement may come as a shock to fans of her early work. Chase is perhaps best known for her terrifying gaze through sheets of matted hair in The Ring, in addition to her Lilo & Stitch and Spirited Away voice roles.


Chase also played Samantha Darko in Donnie Darko, though more recently her work has slowed down a little. Chase worked on seven movies between 2012 and now, as well as one short film, a video game and a TV series pilot.

There is no word yet on Chase's response to her charges or her warrant for arrest.