'The Office' Star Jenna Fischer Apologizes for Inaccurate Tax Bill Tweet

Actress Jenna Fischer came under fire recently for an inaccurate tweet about the GOP tax bill, and she has now issued an apology for the mistake.

“I made a mistake and I want to correct it,” the former star of The Office wrote in her apology. “After reading your feedback and doing additional research I discovered that I tweeted something that was not accurate."

She went on to explain what happened and where her misinformation came from, writing, "Last month, the House of Representatives voted for a tax bill that did kill a $250 deduction for teachers to buy classroom supplies, but in the final bill the deduction was restored. I feel genuinely bad about getting my facts wrong and I’m sorry.”

In her original Tweet where she unintentionally shared the false information Fischer said, “I can’t stop thinking about how school teachers can no longer deduct the cost of their classroom supplies on their taxes…something they shouldn’t have to pay for with their own money in the first place. I mean, imagine if nurses had to go buy their own syringes.”

She was quickly slammed for being "factually wrong" and "misleading people" by other Twitter users, which brought her to research further and issue the apology, as reported by EW.


“I did not mean to spread misinformation,” th 43-year-old added in her apology. “I was well-intentioned, but I was behind on my research. So, I’ve deleted the tweet. Because, I believe accuracy is important.”

Additionally, Fischer wrote, “I’m not ashamed to say I was wrong and I’m not ashamed to correct it. I was taught that taking responsibility is the right thing to do. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Please accept my apology.”