'The Jinx' Suspect Robert Durst Ordered to Stand Trial for Murder

Robert Durst, the subject of HBO's crime documentary The Jinx, has been ordered to stand trial for [...]

Robert Durst, the subject of HBO's crime documentary The Jinx, has been ordered to stand trial for murder.

According to The Blast, an arraignment for Durst has been scheduled for Nov. 8 in Los Angeles, and if convicted at trial he faces a possible maximum sentence of life in prison without parole.

Durst will be defending himself against the accusation that he murdered a woman named Susan Berman in 2000. Prosecutors have a theory that Durst may have murdered Berman because she was to be questioned by police regarding the disappearance of Kathleen "Kathie" Durst, Robert Durst's first wife.

Relatedly, it is speculated that Kathleen may have been murdered by Durst, and that he may also have killed his Texas neighbor Morris Black in 2001.

He was not arrested in connection to the Christmas Eve crime until 2015. That same year, HBO debuted The Jinx, a documentary mini-series that detailed the crimes Durst was suspected of and general timeline of the events. Just one day before the series finale was set to air, Durst was arrested.

The Jinx was co-written and directed by Andrew Jarecki, who has previously directed All Good Things, a crime mystery film based on Durst's life and suspected crimes.

In a past interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jarecki spoke openly about his time with Durst, and explained why he felt Durst was eager to be a part of telling his own story.

"Number one, he likes to be the center of attention," the director stated. "In his life, he's had periods when he's been in the news every day, and there had been a long lull. I made a movie, [All Good Things], and suddenly Ryan Gosling was playing him, and there was a whole bunch of press, and I think he felt like that was his moment to step back into the public eye."

"Number two, his antipathy toward his brother and his father were so strong that when he saw the threats that the Durst family had made against me — when he saw that they kept threatening to sue us — he was incensed that they were considering coming after us for telling his story," Jarecki wenton to say. "He has gone through his life feeling like his brother is always trying to take a step ahead of him. He's the eldest son. He was the one who was in position to take over the family business, and his brother stepped into that position instead of him. And now even Bob's murders are suddenly going to be coopted by his brother."

"The third thing is, he really does have a compulsion to confess," he continued. "Even though he might not feel guilt in the same way that many of us might, he knows that murdering his wife was one of the terrible moments in his life, and he got away with that. He got away with murdering his best friend. He got away with murdering his neighbor in Galveston, Texas. He was carrying around this burden and needed to tell the story, knowing that there was a very real risk that he wouldn't be entirely able to control that information flow."

At this time, Durst's legal team does not appear to have made a public statement on his upcoming murder trial.