'The Good Place' Star Jameela Jamil Lashes out at Tabloid for Body Shaming Issue

Actress Jameela Jamil has ramped up her battle against fat-shaming in the media, calling out a couple of specific publications for their provocative headlines.

Jamil is best known for portraying Tahani Al-Jamil on NBC's The Good Place. Unlike her television counterpart, however, Jamil's real-life dedication to activism is authentic. She has taken social media by storm with a a campaign called "I weigh," where she and other women have weighed out their worth in more than just pounds and kilos.

As the posts have picked up traction and coverage, Jamil turned up the heat. This week, she put the spotlight on some of the culprits, calling them out for body-shaming.

"For anyone who says I'm exaggerating about how insane our attitude to women in media is. This magazine only just came out, she tweeted alongside a picture of a tabloid. The cover showed side-by-side pictures of Scarlett Moffatt. "'HEFTY and HEARTBROKEN'" are you kidding me? Does the shaming culture never take a day off? This should be illegal. It's damaging to our mental health."

Jamil continued in a thread, boosting fans and followers who felt the same as she did.

"Size-ism and public shaming is a blatant act of discrimination and hate that has a detrimental impact upon society as a whole," she wrote. "It should be considered a legally punishable offense."

One fan replied with another magazine cover, pointing out that the body-shaming occurs overseas as well.

"Can you imagine the cover of [GQ Magazine] doing this?" Jamil joked. "'Which successful talented moguls BALLS are these?!'"

Moffatt herself fired back at the magazine cover as well, condemning the headline for its harmful message to young girls as well as its hurtful attack on her.

"To the magazine that have branded me as hefty and heartbroken," she wrote with a laughing emoji, "I think you'll find I'm neither, what message are we sending out to young women!! Anyway I've got my love shades on blocking out the haters!!"

"The same magazine that has written stories about the danger that trolls can bring ie. suicide and depression!!" Moffatt went on. "Hypocrisy at its finest!! Ladies just because someone is single doesn't mean they're sat at home crying, don't feel like you have to have a partner to make you complete!"


As she leads the conversation on self-love, Jamil is hard at work on season 3 of The Good Place.

Earlier this month, she gave fans their first look behind the scenes in celebration of Ted Danson's Emmy nomination.