'Teen Mom OG' Alum Farrah Abraham Backs out of Celebrity Boxing Match

Farrah Abraham is trying to back out of her highly publicized celebrity boxing match against Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander.

The Teen Mom OG alum is apparently clashing with the event's promoters over promised travel and hotel arrangements. While Abraham has not confirmed the reports, her mother, Debra Danielsen seemingly did in an interview with Radar.

"We were all planning on getting together up there and watching the match," Danielsen said. "I said, 'What about my travel? When do we fly in? Where are we staying?' They were supposed to get back to all of us. Farrah was like, 'Mom, he didn't even get me a ticket!' I don't call that Farrah dropping out."

She continued, "It's ridiculous. They didn't deliver what they said they would provide in regard to travel and hotel. We're used to being treated properly. Right now, no one is showing up on our side. If Farrah doesn't show up, there is no fight!"

An alleged "insider" told the publication that Abraham simply wanted too much from the promoter and her demands were impossible to fulfill.

"[It was] typical Farrah with her diva demands," the source said. "She wanted 30 rooms, flights for six people… She was very demanding and difficult to work with."

The promoter has tossed around the possibility of a lawsuit if Abaraham does not fight. However, they are prepared to replace the former MTV personality if necessary.

"As of yesterday, they are still going through with it," a representative for the promoter told Radar. "She's a partner. She's on contract. She's an equity partner. For her to back out, she could get sued for millions. ... If she does drop out, we would find another athlete. The show would still go on."

Concerning the lawsuit claim, Danielsen says they do not have a case due to them not delivering on "what they promised on their end."

As for what Hoopz thinks of all this drama, she took to Instagram to slam Abraham and ensure her fans she would still fight regardless.

"She's using the promoters as a reason to back out," Hoopz wrote. "The fight is still happening with or without her. We agreed because of the cause, not because of Farrah. See everyone November 10th."


Abraham has not issued any formal statement on the match status as of press time.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @farrah__abraham