'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Hints She's Separated From Husband David Eason Following Latest Posts

Is Jenelle Evans and David Eason's marriage at the end of the line?The Teen Mom 2 star sparked [...]

Is Jenelle Evans and David Eason's marriage at the end of the line?

The Teen Mom 2 star sparked rumors that she was once again a single woman Saturday when her posts on social media signaled she might have separated from her husband following months of controversy.

The first signal, as InTouch first reported, comes from Evans' latest Facebook post, where she shared a photo of herself with the caption: "Single AF."

(Photo: Facebook/Jenelle Evans)

The reality television star teased a possible split from her husband further when she updated her relationship status to "separated."

Despite the changes in her social media page, a rep told InTouch that the couple is still together.

Fans took to social media to speculate on Evans' social media movements, and seeming to be happy about the separation of the controversial couple.

"If this split is true I am so happy [and] relieved," one fan wrote on Twitter. "I am interested to see how the custody of Ensley will turn out [and] if [Jenelle] will fight after losing everything. [Hatter Holiday] [Eason Seperation Day] [Where's David] [Trouble On The Land]."

(Photo: Facebook/Jenelle Evans)

"If David really is gone I'm sure Jenelle already made a new Tinder profile," another fan wrote on Twitter.

"So Jenelle [and] David are both single AF??" another fan tweeted. "Should we start the celebration now or wait for the divorce papers to be filed?? David's going to take every single thing he possibly can [and] Jenelle will be left with nothing."

Many fans also pointed to the fact that Evans and Eason stayed silent during Valentine's Day as another sign that the couple might be in the rocks.

The possible separation comes weeks after the controversial altercation between Evans and Eason that ended with the Teen Mom 2 star calling 9-1-1 and accusing her husband of abuse, only to then backtrack her claims and say it was all just a drunken misunderstanding.

The drama from the incident has been playing out in the latest episodes of Teen Mom 2, without Eason appearing in the show since he was fired from the series for his online homophobic rants.

Evans' mother Barbara recently opened up on an episode of the show, revealing that Jenelle doesn't want to film for the show without her husband because he fights with her every time she agrees to do it.

"I think he's hurting her. I can see it. It's a domestic violence thing, and he's keeping her like a prisoner," Barbara said. "She can't even leave the house."

When the show's bodyguard asked Barbara if her daughter wanted to leave Eason, she said: "I think in her mind...you want to leave but sometimes it takes a long time before she leaves."

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.