'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Bashed for Claiming Malibu Is Her 'Second Home' Amid Wildfires

Jenelle Evans can't escape backlash from her fans, who are now making fun of the reality star for her recent comments about the California wildfires.

The Teen Mom 2 star caught hate from fans Tuesday after she sent a message of support to those suffering from the devastation of the Woolsey fire in Southern California, calling Malibu her "second home," while also attempting to relate to the damage in how hurricanes affected her home state of North Carolina.

"NC deals with hurricanes with lots of water and we lose lots of important items we will never get back, but some stuff you can recover," Evans wrote on Titter.

"Fire is total destruction and devastates me to see all of this. Malibu is like a second home to me. I can't imagine," she added.

Her heartwarming comment did not sit well with fans of her MTV reality television series, who responded to the tweet laughing at her "second home" comment.

"'Malibu is like a second home for me,'" one user quoted, adding. "Always making yourself a part of tragic situations."

Another user added, referring to Evans and her husband David Eason: "If those two clodhoppers moved to Malibu, they'd get run out of town on a rail."

"I can almost relate. I saw a picture of Malibu once," a third user commented.

"Wow really? This IS my home and we don't need anyone to act like a vacation spot they've been to once or twice is their home. WE have been thru enough. A [prayer emoji] or [red heart] woulda been enough but you're trying to appropriate people's pain when you have ZERO IDEA what it feels like. ZERO" another user wrote.

Not all comments toward Evans' message were negative, however, as some people thanked her for raising awareness to the situation.

"We need to keep praying for Malibu," one user tweeted.

Another user added: "When I was 5 my house burned down (my fault). Lost my sister and I remember even at that age trying to get to her but couldn't. Now as an adult I have kidney failure & on dialysis that's my punishment dealt from god. I pray for all those affected, you're not alone."

Other fans also brought awareness to the Camp Fire, which is still causing damage in Northern California.

Earlier in the week, Evans was blasted by her fans for posting photos of her California vacation, including some photos from Sequoia National Park that some considered insensitive due to the devastation of the wildfires.


"Come visit Camp Fire victims," one person wrote, referring to the fire that virtually destroyed the entire town of Paradise, California.

On Sunday, the reality star sent her first message acknowledging the tragedies, "My heart and prayers go out to everyone in Cali right now with these wildfires."