Taylor Swift Surprises 11-Year-Old Fan Who Wrote a Thank-You Letter to Her Mailman

Taylor Swift has reached out to another fan during the coronavirus pandemic, sending an 11-year-old girl a thoughtful surprise after she went viral for sending a thank-you letter to her mailman. Emerson Weber lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and has sent friends and family letters for years, all sent in elaborately decorated envelopes. She recently wrote one more to her mail carrier, Doug, thanking him for delivering her notes.

Emerson's dad, Hugh Weber, shared the story on Twitter and Doug shared Emerson's letter with his supervisor, and the 11-year-old soon began receiving dozens of letters from USPS workers writing to thank her for saying thank you. The workers shared stories about their own lives and jobs, jokes and more with Emerson, including fun facts about her favorite singer, Taylor Swift. This week, Hugh revealed on Twitter that Emerson had gotten an extra-special letter, sharing a photo of an envelope with Emerson's name on it decorated with flowers.

In a Twitter thread, he wrote that the family received a package in the mail this week, though they didn't think too much of it at first. "Em pulled back the packing materials to reveal a bubble wrapped gift," Hugh began. "On it, we saw a tag that simply said, 'To Em. From Tay.' Talk about breathless. I’ll admit. Our brains broke for a minute. We put the gift and the packaging back in the box. And, waited an hour. No joke. Sometimes, you need to calm down."

"The first thing that hit us as Em began to unwrap the package was the smell of 'what happiness smells like,' according to Emerson," the thread continued. "Inside the package was a simple envelope... Hand painted. With Gems. A wax seal - TAS." The wax seal was Swift's personal "13" seal that she uses for writing letters, and the singer also sent Emerson some Lover merchandise. Hugh shared that most of the letter "is personal and between Em & Taylor," but did share that Swift wrote that she saw in Emerson’s story "an innate sense of empathy, a curiosity about the feelings of strangers, and the drive to try to brighten someone’s day."

"We’re a puddle of tears over here. And, it has nothing to do with Taylor’s celebrity. It has everything to do with her humanity," he concluded. "Inexplicably, she sees Em. She sees her beauty. She sees her heart. She sees the real her."