Tara Reid Gets the COVID-19 Vaccine, Reveals Her 1 Side Effect

Tara Reid is among the millions of Americans to get their coronavirus vaccine. The American Pie [...]

Tara Reid is among the millions of Americans to get their coronavirus vaccine. The American Pie star, 45, got her vaccine last week and shared a photo of a healthcare worker administering the shot to encourage others to get theirs. She did have one painful side-effect though, one many have experienced as well.

"Got vaccinated I have to you the truth it hurts terrible I feel like I got shot by a gun in my arm," Reid wrote. She included the hashtags "get vaccinated," "good luck," and "COVID vaccine." Pain, redness, and swelling are common side effects of the coronavirus vaccines, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other common side effects include tiredness, headache, chills, fever, nausea, and muscle pain.

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After seeing all the support she received from fans, Reid added an update. "I love you guys so much! So yes it really does hurt and I agree, I didn't even feel the needle either," she wrote. "But then about 1 hour later I felt like I got shot by a bullet. Got my first shot on St Patrick's Day hence the green luck of the Irish [laughing out loud]."

Reid is best known for her roles in the American Pie and Sharknado franchises. She recently moved from Los Angeles to Sedona, Arizona with her boyfriend. In a recent interview with W Magazine, Reid said she is hoping to change the perception of her career by producing and taking on serious roles. Her first movie as a producer is Masha's Mushroom, a thriller co-starring Vivica A. Fox, Beverly D'Angelo, and Billy Zane. Reid stars as a mother whose birthday party turns tragic when guests are drugged by a purple powder. "Everything about this movie is colors and just really trippy, weird stuff," Reid said of the new movie. "All of a sudden, people are jumping into the windows and they're swimming with the fish." She has high hopes for the project and believes it will kick off a "big franchise."

Reid is also excited about another movie on her docket, The Prophecy of Troy, which is set 10 years before the Trojan War. "[The Prophecy of Troy] is cool because I play a bada—. I ride a horse [and] I use a sword, so I'm going to have to get training for that one," Reid said. She is also producing an animated LGBTQ+ series called Mickey and Miguel, which she described as "Family Guy meets The Simpsons meets Will & Grace."

Since the last Sharknado film was released in 2018, Reid has been working almost non-stop and has almost two dozen upcoming projects listed on her IMDb profile. "I've always been the actress and, all of a sudden, I turned the tables and I became a producer," she said. "I realized how much harder it is to get the funding and the financing, the actors and the locations."