Talinda Bennington's Recent Anderson Cooper Video Brings out the Trolls After Her New Marriage Details Revealed

Talinda Bennington is dealing with social media trolls once again after the newly remarried widow of Chester Bennington shared a clip of herself on Anderson Cooper Full Circle promoting a music festival designed to raise awareness for mental health.

In the video, Bennington, 43, tells Cooper about 320 Festival, a one-day event she announced in December that will feature a mental health summit, community festival and benefit concert with "a-list talent" that has yet to be announced.

"It is always an honor to be invited by Anderson Cooper to be on his show," Bennington captioned the clips of herself on the show. "He is taking his pain, experience, and platform to help others & to change the culture surrounding mental health. He's truly inspirational. It's also super exciting to speak about the #320festival !"

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While many of Bennington's 137,000 followers wrote that they were "proud" of her for working to promote mental health awareness, others were apparently still upset with her for finding love in the wake of her late husband Chester's suicide. Many took to the comments to slam her for getting married to Michael Fredman.

"That new marriage was fast. Poor Chester," one Instagram user wrote.

"Dear Miss Friedman, (sic) it's time to change your second name. U are not more Miss Bennington, but without Chester name, u are nothing. Nobody would know who u are. I'm sorry,but it's true," another wrote, mistakenly thinking Bennington married Fredman on the same date as her 2005 anniversary date with Chester.

"So you got married with Michael F in Hawaii on NEW YEAR'S EVE ( as with Chester)...Weird...Funny how you didn't post anything about it, TALINDA FRIEDMAN (sic)," someone else wrote, misspelling her husband's last name.

Although TMZ first reported that Bennington and Fredman tied the knot on New Year's Eve, which was Bennington's anniversary date with Chester in 2005, she slammed the news outlet on Sunday, writing that she and Fredman actually got married on Jan. 4.

"Why does your name still say 'Bennington'? Can't believe you married this guy on the same date you married Chester. Trying to replace the memories of your ex-husband? Chester deserved better than this. So disappointed," another mistaken fan wrote.

But others stood up for Bennington in the comments section.

"What horrible comments from some of you... Talinda deserves happiness in her life. It is not your decision when the time is 'right'. And NO she does not have to change her last name, that is the name she shares with her children - CHESTERS children so grow the f— up. All Chester would want is happiness for all of them. Congratulations [Talinda Bennington] and continue the incredible work you do for mental health awareness xxxx," someone wrote.


"Congrats on finding love again after tragedy. Many continued blessings to you and your family! God is with you!" another said.

"The only reason y'all pissed at this beautiful lady is 'cause she married your most fave rock artist once. Now that he's gone, dare I say, each and every Linkin Park fan has shown their true colors by not leaving her alone," someone else said. "Why? Because she also runs 320? The way I see it, she isn't the Linkin Lady anymore and that's just part of the act, not life. This is actually a congratulation to T. The rest, if you can't remember humanity over Linkin Park, you didn't deserve them in the first place. I'm out!"