'Supernatural' Star Misha Collins Suffers Car Accident Amid Winter Snowstorm

Supernatural star Misha Collins was in a nasty car accident in Seattle's winter storm this weekend, but the actor seems to be all right.

Collins tweeted photos of his car after the accident, revealing the damage as it apparently went off of the road. Collins, who plays the angel Castiel on the beloved CW series, seemed to be fine, but did not have another ride to the Supernatural convention where he was heading at the time.

"Hey #SPNSea! So sorry we can’t be there; the WA roads are treacherous," he wrote alongside the photos. "(I was going 5mph last night when this happened. I’m fine, but when the [governor] called a state of emergency, we had to pull the plug.) I’ve sent u something in the vendor’s room to help keep you warm. Miss [you] all."

What Collins had sent turned out to be a whole bunch of Domino's pizza for those that did make it to enjoy. Many tweeted their thanks at Collins, moved by his generosity, and showed him pictures and videos of the largely empty convention center.

The low turnout came as no surprise, as Collins was not the only one held up by the weather. Seattle was hit with about a year's worth of snow in one day on Saturday, and another storm is due on Sunday night, bringing at least a couple of more inches to the north-western city.

Ultimately, all of the scheduled panels at the convention were suspended, leaving fans to enjoy Collins' pizza and hang out while the weather raged outside. Many were disappointed, though they rallied behind Collins and his act of kindness, even as he himself suffered a personal tragedy.

Supernatural has a remarkably dedicated fan base, and the actors on the show take pride in that. Many of them have often talked about how the convention circuit and other live events give a sense of community built around a show that is now in its 14th season.

"I think what makes Supernatural so special is the fandom," star Jeffrey Dean Morgan said recently of the show's fans, according to ComicBook.com. "And when you have that kind of relationship and honesty with your fans, and you give a piece of yourself to these people, it makes something very special. I mean, to do 300 episodes, it means that you have people that love you."


That support has buoyed Supernatural through 14 years on the air now, and it still shows no signs of stopping. The series has been officially renewed for another season.

Supernatural airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.