Actor Accused by Numerous Women of Sexual Assault Secretly Released From Prison

Superfly actor Kaalan Walker recently saw a surprise release from prison on reduced bail due to [...]

Superfly actor Kaalan Walker recently saw a surprise release from prison on reduced bail due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This might not sit well with some as Walker is accused of sexually assaulting numerous women, many of whom were allegedly aspiring models. Known for his 2017 role in the Halle Berry film Kings, Walker ended up charged with nine counts of felony sexual assault in 2019 after both films had been released. Shockingly, Fox 11 reports, the actor's alleged victims received no notification of his release. Some admitted to only finding out the news on social media, where the former actor is now promoting himself as a professional photographer.

Sydney Stanford, one of Walker's supposed victims, told the outlet of the decision, "that just tells you right there, how little they care about the girls in this case," said Stanford. "Why -- by the way -- are mostly women of color." Jaira Noelani, another of Walker's alleged survivors, echoed Stanford's shocked reaction. "It makes me feel like girls and young girls are not valued," Noelani said. Women are not valued, sexual assault survivors are not valued."

Noelani said she was 15 when she was assaulted by Walker. She claims Walker promised to help get her into the industry, but instead of taking her to his studio for a shoot, she says the actor led her to an empty parking lot where he raped her. "Go home and make sure you're clean, because I've opened you up now, you're a woman now," Noelani said Walker told her after the incident. "Like… say these things, and I'm just sitting there like in puddles of tears on the car seat."

"No matter how I told him that it was hurting me, he just told me to shut up," Chykira Lyons, another accuser, told FOX 11 of their experience with Walker. "I was crying hysterically at this point but it was like none of that mattered to him," Noelani said. Walker denies all of the allegations laid against him. "I am innocent until proven guilty," Walker said on social media. "Not guilty until proven innocent.. it's not cool. Just wait until my trial, y'all."

Several women accused him of using social media to target and approach his victims. "He got out of jail and went back to photography," Noelani said. "He literally got out of jail and went back to the same thing of him, like being able to take advantage of young women."