Super Bowl 2020: Billy Ray Cyrus on His Commercial With Sam Elliott and Lil Nas X: 'It Was Like the Coolest, Best Day of My Life' (Exclusive)

Billy Ray Cyrus just won two Grammys alongside Lil Nas X for their hit song "Old Town Road" — and in the meantime, they also paired up for a Super Bowl LIV commercial for Doritos with actor Sam Elliott. In an interview with, Cyrus described the day of the shoot as the "coolest, best day of my life."

The cowboy themed commercial features Lil Nas X and Elliott in a face-off on the "Cool Ranch," with the two going back and forth with dance moves before the camera shines a light on Cyrus. Cooly playing his guitar, Cyrus says, "I ain't dancin'."

Thanks to Elliott's mustachioed appearance and deep, gravelly voice, the actor has played a number of cowboy-like roles throughout the years. Cyrus couldn't stop praising The Ranch actor on his charisma.

"Man, he's not only the epitome of cowboy, he's the epitome of superstar," Cyrus said about Elliott. "The epitome of charisma. Absolutely everyone out there was in love with Sam Elliott. He is the hero. ... He treated everyone nice. He did pictures, autographs. It was like Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton is the same way. Her charisma is so magnetic and her love of people is obvious. Her and Sam Elliott need to do something together again. They remind me so much of each other."

"Lil Nas X in between Sam Elliott and Dolly Parton and you got a hit!" Cyrus exclaimed.

If the famous faces ever did collaborate, one thing's for sure: Cyrus would be in the crowd cheering them on.

While Cyrus found it cool to hang with Elliott, he did say one of the coolest parts about the shoot was his wardrobe. "I got to wear a real cool period piece that was actually made for a big film they were shooting overseas ... I was like, 'Man, I never get to dress in costume like that,'" he said. "I put that thing on and everybody loved it."

Ironically, the same day the "Achy Breaky Heart" singer shot the Doritos commercial, he also shot his new album cover that night; his new EP, The Singin' Hills Sessions Vol. 1: Sunset, was released over the weekend. Cyrus said that while shooting the Super Bowl commercial was "the coolest, best day" of his life, that night "was a magnetic, magnificent" evening with a "sunset out in Joshua Tree, California. That was magic that night."


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Photo credit: Steve Granitz/Getty.