Subway Attack Leaves TV Host Hospitalized

Will Clinger, a TV host and actor, was hospitalized last month after a brutal attack on Chicago public transit. According to a report by CBS News, Clinger was riding the Red Line train in the city on Monday, April 25 when he ended up jumped. The 64-year-old informed reporters about his experience, revealing that he never even saw the attack coming.

Clinger is best known for hosting Wild Travels and the local news show Wild Chicago, while also holding TV roles on Fargo, Chicago P.D. and other major productions. He was riding the train on the evening of April 25 when he was attacked at the Addison Street stop, right beside Wrigley Field. Police reportedly responded to the scene at around 9 p.m. local time, and Clinger was taken to intensive care. He stayed there for some time before he was able to share the details of his experience local CBS News reporter Dana Kozlov.

Clinger said that he was seated on the train when someone ambushed him and snatched his cell phone out of his hands. He chased after them, leaving the train, only to find that he was running into a trap. He said: "There must have been a second guy next to the other door who got out and waylaid me with a pipe or something as I was chasing, because all I remember is running and suddenly falling – and I don't even remember hitting the pavement."

"I was definitely taken by surprise, Dana – in a big way," Clinger added. he gave his interview while waiting for a second CAT scan to assess the damage from his head injury. He was ultimately diagnosed with a brain bleed and contusion.

Clinger and Kozlov discussed the rash of violent crimes on the CTA around that time, including two others within 24 hours of Clinger's attack. The said that he believes city officials need to do more to protect riders' safety. He said: "It's scary on the CTA right now, apparently."


Clinger admitted that he could have done more to protect his own safety on that night as well. He advised viewers never to chase after a thief the way he did, and said that he will be more protective of his phone and other personal belongings in the future as well. The local police are investigating this and other attacks, and are advising the public to stay vigilant on trains and buses.