'Stranger Things' Actor Noah Schnapp's Shocks Fans After Twitter Account Hacked

Actor Noah Schnapp, who stars as Will Byers on Netflix's hit series Stranger Things, had his Twitter account hacked Saturday afternoon. One tweet suggested he was experiencing suicidal thoughts, then the hacker published other tweets that tagged or retweeted accounts that may have been involved. One retweeted message was from a Twitter user who claimed to have "beat the f—" out of the 15-year-old actor.

At 6:27 p.m. ET, whoever gained control of Schnapp's Twitter account published a message that simply read "suicidal thoughts," reports Variety. Fans were shocked, but it soon became clear that his account was hacked. The hackers next retweeted a message from a user who wrote "me and [Schnapp] smoking a spliff." The hackers published another tweet telling Schnapp's followers to follow one account so Schnapp's hackers could follow his fans. Another retweeted message read, "Just beat the f— out of [Schnapp] and stole his phone #JOBS."

Other tweets included a message with the N-word and sexual remarks. The most offensive tweets have been deleted, but a couple of the retweeted comments remain on his Twitter page. Schnapp's representatives confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that his account was hacked.

Schnapp has 866,000 followers on Twitter but is even more popular on TikTok, where he has over 12.5 million followers. In fact, he recently told Variety he has been recognized by some more for his videos there than his work on Stranger Things. He said he enjoyed using social media because it gives him the opportunity to open up to fans.


"You don’t see anyone so it’s easy to open up and have fun and not worry about what other people think," the Bridge of Spies actor said. "TikTok especially is just so casual and very nonjudgmental. It’s one big inside joke and everyone understands it. It’s crazy to see how everyone can collectively come together and agree and decide on doing things."

Schnapp is hardly the first celebrity to have their Twitter accounts hacked. Last month, three young men allegedly gained access to the accounts of Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, former Vice President Joe Biden, and former President Barack Obama, posting messages asking people to donate to a Bitcoin account. Graham Ivan Clark, a 17-year-old from Tampa, Florida, was charged for his role in the scheme. Florida prosecutors said he took in over $100,000 in Bitcoin in one day. Federal prosecutors charged a 19-year-old from the U.K. and a 22-year-old Orlando man for their alleged roles in the scam as well.