Ex-NBA Player Charged for Stomping Man's Cell Phone After Car Accident

Former point guard for the Houston Rockets, Steve Francis, allegedly destroyed a man's cell phone last Monday to keep him from taking pictures of the damage after a car accident.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Alfred Cerino claims that Francis rear-ended him on the freeway on Dec. 4 in Harris County, TX. Francis reportedly signaled for Cerino to follow him off the freeway, ultimately leading him back to the ex-NBA player's own house.

According to Cerino, the two of them were amicably exchanging insurance information until Cerino tried to take a picture of Francis' car. He says the former athlete slapped his hand, knocking his cell phone to the ground. He says that Francis then stomped on the phone until it was "badly damaged."

The court documents say that Cerino then called the police, while Francis went inside his home. Francis waited on his balcony for officers to arrive, but refused to come down or speak to them. However, the cops recognized the NBA star from previous encounters.

Cerino's phone cost a grand total of $140, so Francis was only charged with misdemeanor mischief. No arrest warrant was issued. Francis has yet to comment on the incident.


Francis has been arrested in the past. Last year, he was stopped while driving 85 mph in a 65 mph, and then charged with driving under the influence. He was also embroiled in a strange burglary case in Florida back in 2003, when he allegedly tried to turn himself in for robbing a BMW, but police didn't believe him.

No court date has been set for the charges over Cerino's cell phone.