'Sons of Anarchy' and 'Mayans M.C.' Star Emilio Rivera Posts Rare Photo of His Son Ahead of Thanksgiving

Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. star Emilio Rivera recently posted a rare photo of his son ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Last week, Rivera shared the Instagram post, writing, "I'm so proud of My Rock who’s been putting in the work has a 4.0 G.P.A I’m also proud and grateful of My Chula @yadi_rivera who over the years has not only been the best mother to our son but also a second teacher to him at home."

"God knows the time she spends helping him with homework and projects," he went on to say. "Always on him about how important getting his education is. Most importantly teaching our son about love and compassion."

Rivera then added the following hasgtags: #prouddad #rockorivera #thatsmyboy #familiafirst.

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Many of the actor's fans and followers have since commented on the post, with one saying, "He's a very accomplished young man. Definitely a reflection of you and Yadi!"

"That’s a beautiful thing! Now you do realize there was a study done and over 70% of the intelligence comes from the woman’s side. You’re a lucky man ! Congrats to the fam!" another fan exclaimed.

"Kid has sprouted! Most importantly when they are smart & polite ,& humble they are endeared by all, to higher places Rock. You are blessed beyond dreams," someone else commented.

"Congrats guys nothing better then our kids striving for excellence!!! Keep up the good work kid," one other follower added.

"Congratulations what a great son and wife you have- that’s a blessing from God," a fifth fan stated, while one final user wrote, "Watcha, he's going to be taller then you soon Carnal and then his going to hit you with.... 'Dad, can I Barrow the Bomba tonight.'"

Several days later, Rivera shared some more photos of his son, including them along with some other family Thanksgiving dinner pictures.

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"Grateful for my family and friends like family. Our Rock did the honors of cutting the turkey this year," Rivera wrote in the caption on his post.

Many fans also commented on this post, with one saying, "Happy Thanksgiving brother, very much enjoy following you and the family on IG- great to see you guys doing well and living life in a manner that is grounded and full of tradition and family- have a great Christmas season- all the best !"