'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Katey Sagal Asks for Fans' Scary Stories Amid Husband Kurt Sutter's FX Ousting

After an eventful week for her husband Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal just wants to sit back on the weekend and read some scary stories sent in by fans. While the Married With Children star and Sons of Anarchy alum keeps busy with her TV work, including a recurring guest role on The Conners, she has time to soak up some spooky, occult and otherworldly tales ahead of Halloween.

"October is our scary time of year. Has anyone had anything [spooky] happen to them? Seen [ghosts]? Witnessed strange events? If so, what were they and what did you do?" the actress wrote on Twitter as part of a "social Saturday" hashtag. Many fans were in for the ride and shared their best spooky short tales.

"My ex's house has the spirit of a very young girl within in. When I still lived there it was more of a kind of cool thing than creepy though. She never did anything bad so I never saw it as a bad thing," one fan wrote.

"Years ago saw a triangular ufo right over the middle of Sydney main st. High up. Wasn't the only person on the st who saw it either. Way creepy," an Aussie fan added.

"I've had highly accurate premonitions all my life," a third exhausted fan wrote. "At age 20 the accuracy frightened me so badly that I've worked hard my entire adult life to suppress it. Until early menopause hit. Now I have 0 control over it whatsoever. And they've come back stronger than ever."

"The house we lived in when I was a little kid had a ghost. Lights turned on and off on their own. We heard knocking. My brother and I both saw a dark figure walk around the upstairs hall," a fourth wrote.

Of course, many fans wanted to talk shop and bring up Sutter being fired by FX for being an "abrasive d—" in his words.

"Woke up and heard my worst nightmare came true, [Kurt Sutter] was fired from [Mayans M.C.]," one fan wrote.

Another was very upset about Democrats shunning Constitutional rights and another fan was very, very sad that Futurama was canceled for the final time.

This sort of thread is just another example of how Sagal is active on Twitter and not afraid to speak her mind. A perfect example is how she came to the aid and defense of The Goldbergs star Wendi McLendon-Covey from former Howard Stern personality and Tonight Show announcer John Melendez.

"Look, you want to believe that? Fine," Sagal said to Melendez. "But don't tag the actors in it. We don't want to hear it. There's enough negativity in the business and the world that we don't need MORE. That's just a d— move."


"Of course, you can have your opinion. You even have the right to share that opinion. Tagging people, however, is not an opinion. It's a choice and a rude one at that," Sagal continued.

One can only imagine the opinions being tossed around the Sutter home this weekend.