'Sons of Anarchy' Star Charlie Hunnam: What to Know About His Relationship With Morgana McNelis

Even though Sons of Anarchy bid farewell to viewers five years ago, fans of its lead Charlie Hunnam are continuously enamoured by the English star. Though he has made his mark in Hollywood with movies like Pacific Rim and King Arthur, the Newcastle native is returning to the big screen next month in Guy Ritchie's highly anticipated feature, The Gentlemen alongside Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Henry Golding and Hugh Grant. With the film set to release, fans can expect a red carpet appearance from Hunnam's longtime love, Morgana McNelis.

Though the two have been together for well over a decade, Hunnam maintains his privacy when it comes to his relationship with McNelis, rarely talking about the Los Angeles-based jewelry designer.

With reports initially surfacing around 2005, Hunnam no doubt met her through mutual friends while beginning his career in Hollywood almost 15 years ago. While he was on the FX Network series, which ran from 2008 to 2014, McNelis also designed some of the jewelry for the cast, per reports from The Sun.

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After dating for a number of years, the couple took their relationship to the next level and bought their first home together in 2013. According to Trulia, Hunnam and McNelis purchased a $2.762 million Mediterranean-style ranch in the Hollywood Hills, which features four bedrooms, four bathrooms and measures more than 3,200 square feet. Amid a busy filming schedule, the two raise 30 chickens and a couple of donkeys on their ranch, with Hunnam telling Britain's 7 Nights Magazine that they try to "live a bit more sustainably."

With the two living most comfortably, Hunnam unfortunately found himself three years later defending McNelis from online trolls who were attacking her simply for dating the Sons of Anarchy star. Of course, as a real gentleman, Hunnam shared a video on social media pleading with fans to stop the attacks.

"She is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry," he said in a statement about McNelis. "This is a girl I love very much and have spent the last 11 years of my life with and hope to spend the next 60 years [with]. She has been my loyal and supportive partner long before I had any success or money."

Hunnam's girlfriend later issued a statement of her own, thanking fans within the fandom for their continued support and love, ultimately shutting down the critics of their relationship.

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Though relatively mum about their details in their romance, in 2017 Hunnam shared a few surprising tips in an interview, dishing on how he keeps things fresh with McNelis and revealing how he tries to surprise her whenever an opportunity arises. These kinds of surprises range from giving her flowers or making sure the house is super clean when she gets home — which, of course is a naturally, swoon-worthy gesture.

Hunnam also revealed ways to keep things steamy in the bedroom, adding how he likes to incorporate sex as part of his workout schedule and tries to make love as frequently as possible. "I try to make love as often as I can," he said. "That's an important part of fitness. We are supposed to be very active animals. It's our DNA."

While rumors sparked in 2017 that the two had secretly tied the knot after McNelis and Hunnam were spotted with wedding rings, they are in fact not married just yet with the actor shutting down the speculation. "My girlfriend did make me this ring. She's a jewelry designer and it's a rather beautiful ring," he said.

The two are currently still together, with Hunnam making occasional appearances on McNelis' Instagram. In 2019, Hunnam revealed how the two were doing and admitted, he was in a very happy place with their lives.

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"I felt way behind where I wanted to be and should have been at 35, but I've had some really transitional experiences and done a lot of work on myself in the last few years, and I really feel very chill about turning 40," he explained. "I feel honestly feel like I like myself and I'm happy with my life. I've got no complaints — I've got really good friends and a lovely partner and, you know, life's good!"

The Gentlemen is in theatres Jan. 1, 2020.


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