'Sons of Anarchy' Star Charlie Hunnam Breaks Silence on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

In the midst of the drama inside the British Royal Family, actor Charlie Hunnam says "more power to them" as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step away from their royal duties. The Sons of Anarchy star told a TMZ reporter at LAX this week that Harry and Markle deserve their autonomy from the rest of the royal family.

"Honestly I don't really have that strong of an opinion," he said before adding that "we all deserve a little autonomy in our lives and the opportunity to find some happiness."

The 39-year-old British actor noted that Harry and Prince William were "born into an enormous responsibility" and admitted that they must struggle under the "brutal" English press and general scrutiny. "I just say more power to them if they think that they can find some happiness and peace elsewhere," Hunnam said.

As for if he thinks Markle will ever return to acting, he said she should if it's "a real passion for her and it's something that nourishes her and is important."

He even sounded open to an acting opportunity opposite the Duchess of Sussex if it ever came to that. While he was hesitant to pigeon hole himself into the romantic comedy genre, he said he would star opposite Markle "if it was a good role that she was right for and I was right for."

Markle and Harry shocked the world earlier this month when they announced in a statement that they'd be taking a step back from their official royal duties and making an effort to be financially independent from the royal family, who was reportedly taken aback by the unprecedented move. Harry met with Prince William, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II in a summit earlier this month to hash out the details and complications of his and Markle's plan.

At the summit, they came to an agreement that there would be a "period of transition" to sort out the complicated nature of how to be a part-time royal.


Markle, Harry and their son Archie will spend time in both North America and the U.K. as things are sorted out.

Photo credit: Mike Marsland / Contributor / Getty