Sofia Richie 'Deals' With the Fact That Kourtney Kardashian Isn't Her 'Biggest Fan'

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick have been officially dating since September 2017, and reports have indicated that things haven't exactly been friendly between Richie and Disick's ex, Kourtney Kardashian.

According to a source who spoke with PEOPLE, while Richie and Kardashian "will never be best friends," Richie appreciates that Kardashian is beginning to trust her when it comes to the three children the reality star shares with Disick.

"She knows that Kourtney isn't her biggest fan and she understands that," the source said. "Sofia and Kourtney will never be best friends, but Sofia is happy that she has proved to Kourtney that she is great with her kids. Sofia is hoping that her relationship with Scott lasts."

While Kardashian and Richie aren't close, the two have been seen spending time together, including two different events in November. On Nov. 16, the group attended a gallery opening, and on Nov. 4, they joined each other for a "quick" and "tense" dinner at Nobu in Malibu, California, according to a source.

"It was a quick dinner," the source told PEOPLE. "It seemed a bit tense. It wasn't like they are all friends and were hanging out for fun. It looked more like a business dinner."

According to a second source, Kardashian "doesn't necessarily care to get to know Sofia better, but she feels she needs to because of the kids."

"Sofia spends time with Kourtney's kids, so Kourtney wants to make sure they are all on the same page," the insider continued. "Scott and Sofia tend to get into arguments. Kourtney wants to make sure the kids are in a positive environment when they are at Scott's house. She is setting up rules for how things needs to be when the kids are with Scott."

Kardashian and Disick share daughter Penelope and sons Mason and Reign, and Richie has spent plenty of time with the kids since beginning to date Disick. While she is reportedly proving herself with them, other drama surrounding the famous family apparently isn't something Richie is a big fan of.

"There has been and will continue to be things with Scott's family life that bother Sofia, but she is trying to just deal without causing drama," the source said. "She loves Scott and wants to be with him."

"She knows she will always be kind of the outsider, but she loves being around Scott and his kids," the insider added, noting that Richie is "getting better at handling Scott's family situations in a mature way."


Photo Credit: Getty / Gilbert Carrasquillo