'SNL' Star Pete Davidson Opens up About Rehab Stint, Marijuana Charge

Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson opened up about his Park City, Utah, rehab stint and the marijuana charge he faced in Syracuse, New York, last summer.

"I love Park City, Utah, because the last time I was here, I was in rehab," Davidson told Variety at the Sundance Film Festival as he raised a bottle of beer. “It’s nice to be on the other side of it. And, also... it speaks wonders to your rehab facilities.”

Four years ago, Davidson checked into the Cirque Lodge treatment center. Davidson also went to rehab in December 2016 because he thought his mood swings were caused by his marijuana use. However, he told Marc Maron he was later diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

More recently, Davidson got in trouble with police in Syracuse, where he was filming Big Time Adolescence. He said his time in the city "sucked."

“The whole town of Syracuse blows. Let’s be honest, they just found out I was there and tried to arrest me the whole time," Davidson told Variety.

One weekend, Davidson was pulled over and charged with marijuana possession. He said the police there only went after him because the did not have anything else to do.

“The cops, because there’s nothing going on there, they were hunting me down the whole time,” Davidson joked. “They tried to arrest me for bringing business to your town. Never again, Syracuse.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Davidson refused to comment further on his breakup with Ariana Grande or his decision to quit Instagram after sharing a concerning message last month.

“Just don’t go online,” Davidson said of his overall feelings of the Internet. “It doesn’t make me very happy. Even if it’s not about me, it’s random s— like, ‘Trump farts.’ I’m not a fan of it.”

Davidson was also asked if he would be interested in doing another movie review segment with John Mulaney on Saturday Night Live, after their review of Clint Eastwood's The Mule went viral earlier this month. Davidson said the two recently saw Mary Poppins Returns together, but he "walked out halfway through."

Davidson filmed Big Time Adolescence last summer, when he was on hiatus from Saturday Night Live. The film, which premieres at Sundance on Tuesday, was directed by Jason Orley and stars Griffin Gluck as a high school student who befriends a dropout played by Davidson. The role is the reason why Davidson had bleached blond hair during the first episodes of SNL this season.

“I always wanted to dye my hair, and everyone made fun of me,” Davidson said.


SNL returns on Feb. 9 with singer Halsey as the host and musical guest.

Photo credit: John Parra/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter