Sinead O'Connor Details Her Mother's 'Torture' Chamber in Graphic Dr. Phil Interview

Sinead O'Connor is opening up about the mistreatment she experienced in her painful past. The "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer sat down with Dr. Phil on Tuesday's premiere of his show to discuss her relationship with her late mother, Marie, whom she claims physically and sexually abused her as a child.

"It would not be fair of me to discuss what she did to my siblings so I have to only discuss what she did to me," O'Connor said. "She ran a torture chamber. It was a torture chamber. She was a person who took delight, would smile in hurting you."

The Irish native then went into graphic detail about how the abuse started from the time she was a very young child.

"My earliest memory, she's telling me I shouldn't have been born. She didn't want me. She didn't want girls. She wanted me to be a boy," she said.

"She dresses me like a boy, she chops my hair off. Whenever she beats me, which is daily, I'm naked. She makes me take my clothes off. I have to lie on the floor. I have to open my arms and legs. I have to let her attack my abdomen. She wants to burst my womb. She wants to destroy my reproductive system. She wants to stop me from being a female," O'Connor continued.

The "Fire on Babylon" hitmaker mentioned that her mother would "invent reasons" to beat her.

"She was not well," she said. "She was really very, very, very not well. I would say she was possessed, although, I'm not sure I believe in such things. So either she was just a sadist and a pedophile or she was possessed by the devil."

At the age of 8, O'Connor's parents divorced. The singer and her siblings were sad that their father left and this made their mother upset. As punishment, O'Connor's mother made them live outside in a shed for a matter of months.

When O'Connor got older, she says the abuse stopped.

"I got to be the same size as her, and she stopped hitting me," she said. "We developed a very good relationship between the age of 14 and the age of 16 and a half. We had a great relationship because she was blown away that I forgave her."

O'Connor did eventually confront her mother about the abuse.

"One day I did ask her, 'Why did you do what you did to us?' And she said, 'I never did anything, what are you talking about?' And I was furious with her, raging," she said. "I didn't talk to her for about nine months. The next thing I hear, she's dead in a car crash."

The loss of her mother left O'Connor's family with the feeling that there was unfinished business.


"Nothing could ever be fixed again and will never be fixed again," she said. "It was very kind of God to take her. Her life was hell. You wouldn't want to be her. I was relieved for her, relieved for me, but devastated at the loss of her. She was my best friend."