Simon Cowell's Neighbor Goes Ballistic on Him for Blocking His House

Simon Cowell's neighbor in the London neighborhood of Kensington isn't too happy with the mogul, going on a rant against the X Factor judge on Tuesday night, brandishing a golf club and threatening to smash cars, The Sun reports.

The neighbor seemed to explain in his tirade that he was angry due to his perceived belief that Cowell is treated differently because of his fame.

"I've had enough of Simon Cowell," the man yelled.

The situation reportedly began when Cowell's chauffeur was preparing to take the mogul to a Christmas party.

"I was gobsmacked. I have never seen anything like it," said Will Lloyd, who witnessed the incident. "This bloke was properly furious. He was going crazy. He was facing Simon's house just screaming, 'I have had enough of Simon Cowell! Who does he think he is? I'll smash all these cars up.'"

"It was scary – he was absolutely ranting while waving a golf club about. He started screaming, 'What is he even famous for?' " Lloyd added.

Police were called to diffuse the situation, while Cowell later emerged from his home and didn't appear troubled by the neighbor's ranting, joking that he was having "just a bit" of trouble with his neighbor.

The next day, the neighbor accused Cowell, who suffered a break-in two years ago, of attracting crime to the area and leaving his garage doors open every night.

"I wrote a sign on my door saying, 'Please do not park in front of my house' and they still did it," the neighbor said. "But I'm always unhappy with Cowell – he's a t—. Who is he? Some prat — the X Factor guy? I lost my temper last night and I'll do it again — do not park near my frontage. It happens every night."

Newly released footage, filmed weeks before the golf club rant, shows the same neighbor screaming about Cowell from the first floor of his home, The Sun reports.


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