Shyla Walker Accuses Landon McBroom of Abuse and Trying to Kidnap Their Daughter

YouTube star Shyla Walker is seeking protection from the courts from her former boyfriend, her YouTube co-star Landon McBroom. Walker claims the YouTuber physically assaulted her and attempted to kidnap their 1-year-old daughter Souline. Shyla obtained a temporary restraining order last month to keep him away from both her and their daughter, saying that the father of her child has a history of abuse against her.

In new court documents, Shyla goes into detail about the specific abuse she faced at the hands of her ex. She claims he put his hands on her, physically pushing her in an argument the couple had on May 10. She left the interaction with a visible injury and says Landon tried to kidnap their kids. She goes on in documents to say that Landon took their child and gave her to one of their employees. Shyla says she was only reunited with her daughter after she called the police.

Shyla says she fears Landon will come back and try to kidnap their daughter again. She also worries their dog could be in danger of being dognapped since she claims he's in debt. Shyla still has a temporary restraining order and Landon isn't allowed within 100 yards of her and their child. The family is scheduled for a hearing next month.


Landon hasn't spoken much about the situation publicly. His most recent posts on Instagram show him and his brother stepping into the ring for their social gloves fights that took place over the last weekend. Landon went up against TikToker Ben Azelart while Austin fought Bryce Hall. Both McBroom brothers took home wins. "For years they've talked the most shit about us. They've never took a step in our shoes, they'll never know our story. The amount of pressure and stress we've dealt with would break most," Landon wrote on Instagram. "To my brother, to my best friend, I'm so proud of you. Thank you for continuing to be my role model. To the supporters, thank you for your continuous love. Till next time Miami."