Shawn Johnson East Reveals Something Fans Don't Know About Her (Exclusive)

Thanks to social media, fans can be that much closer to some of their favorite celebrities, and with features like Instagram Live, it provides followers a more personal feel. However, there are still many qualities and characteristics about each person in the public eye that usually remain private for family and close friends. Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson East isn't shy about allowing her fans to get to know her via social media, but there are some things not everyone knows about her.

In an exclusive interview with, the expecting mom revealed one thing only family and friends know about her. "One thing not many people know about me — aside from family — is that I was a super picky eater growing up." The 29-year-old recently partnered with Eggo as she encourages parents to L'Eggo with Eggo and says the partnership is perfect because that's actually a brand and style of food she used to eat a lot growing up.

"I'm not just saying this because I'm working with Eggo, but waffles were literally the only thing I would eat for breakfast for my entire childhood — I never strayed from the classic butter and syrup combo on top." In fact, she said when her mom found out she would be teaming up with the company, her response was, "Finally!" Like-mother-like-daughter too because Johnson East's daughter, Drew Hazel, also loves waffles, so the choice to hop on board with the message the company is sending to busy parents everywhere, Johnson East says "it was a no brainer for me."

Johnson East and her husband Andrew East welcomed their sweet daughter in November 2019 following a devastating miscarriage. When Johnson East spoke with PopCulture ahead of giving birth for the first time, she relayed her concerns over her two-vessel umbilical cord — which meant her umbilical cord had one vein and one artery. Most umbilical cords have three vessels — one vein and two arteries. This complication only affects 1% of pregnancies and meant that it could lead to several complications.


However, after hurdling that, Johnson East feels a little more prepared regarding her pregnancy this time; however, she is still finding time for her marriage. "We got a great piece of advice before Drew was born that we need to make time for each other, so we started doing date nights with just us two while I was still pregnant with Drew, and we've made this time a priority to connect with each other," she detailed when asked how their marriage has grown since becoming first-time parents. "I think making each other a priority keeps our relationship strong and also helps us be a better team for Drew."