Sharon Osbourne Reveals Agonizing Pain She Was in After Her Fourth Facelift

Sharon Osbourne is opening up about cosmetic surgery — specifically, the pain. The talk show host got her fourth facelift this year, and it was not easy. Osbourne told her story on Wednesday's episode of the British talk show Loose Women.

Osbourne joined the panel on Loose Women this week with a startling story about surgery. The 67-year-old has had many, many procedures before, and she said that her fourth facelist this year. As she was leaving the operating room, she said she mouthed the words "help me" to her daughter Kelly, who was waiting.

"It hurts! When people say it doesn't hurt, believe me it hurts," Osbourne said. "Kelly told me that when I came out from the operating theatre, I was going, 'Help me, help me!'"

Osbourne has been open about her cosmetic surgeries for a long time, not trying to hide them. Over the years, she has had a breast reduction, vaginal cosmetic surgery, a gastric bypass and a preemptive double mastectomy. In her 2013 memoir, Unbreakable, she proclaimed that she was done with the procedures.

"There's not much I haven't had tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced or removed altogether," she said. "I don't think I'm as bad as some women - like Jocelyn 'Bride of' Wildenstein. But I won't be having any more cosmetic procedures."

It turns out that was not true, but Osbourne is not likely to take a lot of flack for it. Many of her procedures were actually good for her health, such as her mastectomy, which she got after learning she was at high risk for breast cancer. She also lost more than 100 pounds after her gastric bypass in 1999 and has remained in shape ever since.

Osbourne estimated she has spent $530,000 on her cosmetic surgeries, including her faceslifts, tummy tuck, eye lift, abdominoplasty, liposuction and Botox. It is not clear if this includes a similar estimate she made years ago, when she guessed $120,000.

This latest facelift is actually not news to fans, who saw it for the first time back in September. At the time, Osbourne was a co-host on The Talk on CBS, and she unveiled her new face there.


"It was five weeks today I had my operation and I had my neck done, my jowls gone," she said, indicating her face. "Everything was just lifted up so it looks more refreshed."

"You can't complain when you wanted to do it," she added.