Scott Eastwood Addresses 'Wolverine' Casting Speculation (Exclusive)

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe constantly expanding and Phase Four officially underway with a slew of titles releasing this year, there are still a number of characters fans want to see make their entrance, particularly the X-Men. For years, fans have thought about actor Scott Eastwood taking on the role of Wolverine, previously played by Hugh Jackman. As the next incarnation of the beloved mutant born with retractable forearm claws is one that studios are still thinking about, fans have been hoping Scott Eastwood would take up the mantle next with some even attempting to manifest their hopes with some unique artwork.

While Eastwood previously addressed the speculation in 2018, even admitting he was "100 percent" on board to play the role had the "opportunity" presented itself, in an exclusive interview with while chatting about his new romantic comedy I Want You Back, the 35-year-old gave a very succinct answer after asking if fans will ever see him as Wolverine. "You never know. You just never know in Hollywood," Eastwood told PopCulture of the X-Men character, whom he previously admitted was also "one of [his] favorite comic book characters of all time" per our sister site,

Asked whether fans should "start a petition," Eastwood replied, "I think you should" to which his co-star Backo let out an exciting cry. "I'll sign it," she said. Eastwood then added it was up to fans to "start it up."

According to ComicBook, the actor first told the outlet during a visit to New York Comic Con in 2017 that he was all in to tackle the role if called upon, stating how portraying Weapon X also known as Wolverine would be a dream come true. "I mean, Logan," Eastwood said at the time. "You gotta give it to Wolverine! Wolverine, all day."

In the meantime, Eastwood can be seen in the new Amazon Studios original romantic comedy, I Want You Back starring Backo, Charlie Day, Jenny Slate, Gina Rodriguez and Manny Jacinto, available exclusively through Amazon Prime Video. The experience of filming the rom-com was one Eastwood told PopCulture was "incredible," and something that has piqued his interest further with the genre.

"I will say about doing any sort of comedy, it's a different experience than making an action movie. It's a different experience. It's very fun and light, and it really is a great breakup than doing a movie that's a lot more heavy in nature," he said. "We were out there having fun every day. So, you're just full of smiles."

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