'Scorpion' Actor Sues Robert Patrick Over Severe On-Set Injuries

Scorpion actor David Fabrizio is suing fellow actor Robert Patrick after claiming Patrick "negligently struck" him from behind while filming a scene, TMZ reports.

Fabrizio, who has appeared in several episodes on the CBS drama, says he was shooting a scene that required him to get physical with Patrick. As a result of the incident, Fabrizio says he sustained severe injuries that required costly medical treatment. The actor did not disclose his injuries but added that he is consulting with surgeons.

Fabrizio is suing Patrick, CBS Television Studios, the stunt coordinator and the producers for his medical bills and damages.

Patrick, who is likely best known for his role as the T-1000 in Terminator 2, said in a Q&A about the series in May that he was doing "a lot more stunts and fight scenes" this season.

"I reminded everybody that I started in Roger Corman B-movies and I can drive, fight, throw, and run, so let's do it while I can still do it!" he said.


Photo Credit: CBS