Savannah Chrisley Says 'Happiness Isn't the Same' Without Dad Todd Chrisley Amid His Prison Sentence

Savannah Chrisley has opened up about her dad Todd Chrisley, who is currently serving a prison sentence, saying that "happiness isn't the same" without him around. The 25-year-old Chrisley Knows Best star shared her feelings in a Thursday post on her Instagram Story thread, per PEOPLE. Savannah reposted a quote shared by the After Breakup account, which reads, "But who will I call when something good happens? Happiness isn't the same without you here." The reality TV star made it clear that this quote brought her father to mind as she tagged his account in her post.

On Tuesday, Jan. 17, Julie, 49, and her husband Todd, 53, reported to prison to serve their respective sentences. According to TMZ, Todd reported to FPC Pensacola in Florida, a minimum security prison camp, while Julie is being held at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. Both had filed appeals for their sentences but were denied. 

In November, the couple was sentenced to serve prison time after their bank fraud and tax evasion convictions. Todd was sentenced to 12 years behind bars while Julie will serve seven years. Both will also be expected to serve 16 months of probation. Notably, in addition to the aforementioned charges, prosecutors also accused Julie of attempting to rent a California home with fake bank statements and a false credit report.

On a recent episode of her Unlocked podcast, Savannah opened up about what she and her siblings have been doing in the wake of their parents' imprisonment. "So for those of you that are familiar with my family and have followed our lives and have also followed my podcast, you know that last week was an extremely difficult week for my family as a whole and for each of us individually," she said.

"We kind of had to say goodbye to my parents for a little bit of time, for the foreseeable future. And that was really, really, really tough," Savannah went on to add. Notably, she went on to reveal that the majority of the new episode was filmed prior to her parents reporting to prison, as she has not "filmed a podcast since" the new one was recorded on Jan. 12, her mother's birthday. "The podcast that is going to be airing today that you're watching was filmed prior to my life falling apart, so it may seem happy-go-lucky," she clarified. "I think it's because there was a lot of hope that was had and I wasn't faced with the reality of the situation."