Sara Gilbert: What Is 'The Conners' Star's Net Worth

Sara Gilbert is a TV star with an impressive resume, yet some fans may still be surprised to hear her massive net worth. Between her work in front of the camera and behind it, she found many places to fit in in the industry. The result is an estimated net worth of about $35 million.

Gilbert is best-known to many as Darlene Conner on Roseanne and The Conners, a role she has held for decades now. She was in the show from the beginning in 1988, establishing herself as a fierce on-screen presence. She then spearheaded the reboot in 2018 as an executive producer.

Gilbert's producing skills come from what may be her other best-known job — The Talk on CBS. Gilbert not only co-hosted the show for years, but served as an executive producer, learning about how to make things happen in the tricky world of Hollywood deals.

The result of these and other endeavors is a net worth of about $35 million, according to a report by The site uses a proprietary algorithm to make its best guess about stars' fortunes, then fact checks that against any available data about paychecks, property sales and other factors.

For Gilbert, that means factoring in her mansion in Los Angeles, California. Gilbert purchased the home in the Hancock Park neighborhood back in 2016 with her then-life partner Linda Perry. It reportedly cost just under $7 million at the time, but given the news of the couple's separation, it is not clear how they will divide the property.

Gilbert still has plenty of other assets to consider. Her TV credits include Runaway Ralph, Welcome to New York, 24, Will and Grace, E.R., The Class, The Big Bang Theory and Hawthorne. Her movie credits include Poison Ivy, High Fidelity and Riding in Cars with Boys.

(Photo: Michael Bezjian/Getty Images)

However, Gilbert has expenses to factor in as well. While filming Roseanne as a young adult, the actress attended Yale University simultaneously, earning a degree in art. Whether or not she has paid off the Ivy League education, she also has to prepare for the future of her children. She shares a son and a daughter with her ex, Ali Adler — Levi Hank and Sawyer Jane, born in 2004 and 2007 respectively. In 2015, she had another child with Perry — Rhodes Emilio Gilberty Perry.


However they decide to handle custody and other factors, the futures of her children will undoubtedly play a part in Gilbert's financial planning.