Samantha Markle Attacks Meghan Markle on Twitter Once More

Meghan Markle's half-sister, Samantha Markle, is continuing her attacks on the now Duchess of [...]

Meghan Markle's half-sister, Samantha Markle, is continuing her attacks on the now Duchess of Sussex.

Samantha Markle is continuing to speak out about her estranged half-sister, this time calling her half-sister "ungrateful," defending their father following reports that he staged paparazzi photos, and claiming that she was happy to not attend her sister's royal wedding to Prince Harry.

On Tuesday, just four days after Meghan Markle officially became part of the Royal Family, Samantha Markle took to her private Twitter account to claim that her family is "just as embarrassed by her," adding that just because Markle is now royalty "she does not suddenly walk on water and she owes it to our father it is not charity it is gratitude," according to the Daily Mail.

Their father, Thomas Markle Sr., faced scathing reports just days before his daughter was set to tie the knot, with accusations that he had staged photos with a paparazzi for cash and royalties. However, Samantha says that he "did not make money off of pics of HIMSELF…she owes our father for everything she's ever had."

She went on to state that "It is easy to hide from judgement behind the walls of a castle. My father has not been afforded the same luxury and has been accessible," and "He was no more colluding than one who would take a selfie and let it loose on social media. And he really only did it because unscrupulous photographers were purposely taking the most unflattering pictures as a representative of him."

Samantha was infamously snubbed from the royal wedding guest list, something that seemingly prompted a series of attacks and bad press in the days leading up to the wedding on May 19, though she now claims that she was happy to have been in the US.

"We weren't miserable it was quite comfortable and I would much rather be sitting here where I was then dealing with traffic in London trust me," she wrote in another tweet.

Samantha's comments come as a stark contrast to comments she had made just days ago when she claimed that she was hoping to reconcile with her now royal sister after having been inspired by Bishop Michael Curry's impassioned sermon about love.

"I watched the bishop talk about love and unity and forgiveness and I hoped it would strike a chord within Meghan. So if that was real and if I were to define a principle to all of this then it would be that we all just work for a peaceful resolution and reunion as a family. I feel a religious and moral obligation to be open to her and not be vindictive or isolating or hurt," she said.

"If she wants to do the morally and religiously right thing then she will and I'm open to that. If she feels that the Markles are not worthy and excludes us, I think that is going against the tenets of her baptismal vows and everything in the church. If you're true in the Queen's church you should practice those principles rather than just speak them," she added.

Samantha is reportedly currently working on a book about her toxic relationship with her estranged half-sister titled The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister.