Salma Hayek Stuns in Makeup-Free Instagram Photo

Salma Hayek set aside all the glamorous makeup and set dressings for a makeup-free selfie on Instagram, and fans were stunned. The 55-year-old actress used the fan-favorite hashtag "no makeup" in a post on Sunday, April 3 that has followers green with envy. It picked up nearly a quarter-million likes and scores of adoring comments.

Hayek posed at a bright, sunlit table with flowers in front of her for this new picture. The light caught her hair and she smiled at the camera. She wrote out her caption twice as usual -- once in English and once in Spanish. It read: "Perfect Sunday morning" with a handful of relevant hashtags beneath.

"I like this. Not on the red carpet, a real person," one person wrote with a coffee mug emoji. Another person added: "happy Sunday morning to you Salma," while a third commented: "More beautiful without makeup! Have a blessed Sunday."

Hayek has not made any more Instagram posts since this selfie, although she has dominated the headlines in the last week or so. The actress has reportedly signed on to appear in the upcoming sequel Magic Mike's Last Dance, replacing actress Thandiwe Newton who needed to drop out at the last minute. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. told PEOPLE that Newton "made the difficult decision to step away... to deal with family matters."

Newton would have played a brand new character in the Magic Mike franchise alongside Channing Tatum. According to an unconfirmed report by The Sun, Newton left the production after a serious argument with Tatum stemming from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. Hayek made an Instagram post insinuating that she approved of Smith's actions or at least supported him in spite of them.

However, Newton strongly denied the rumor that she left over a fight with Tatum. A spokesperson for her told Mail Online: "This report is completely inaccurate." Either way, fans have a sharp eye on this role since screenwriter Reid Carolin told Variety back in February that the female lead will be more important to this sequel than ever before in the franchise.

"It's really about a woman stuck at a horrible strip show like a Chippendales and then realizing, 'What the hell am I doing here?'" she said. "And then Magic Mike comes down from the ceiling. She gets to go down the rabbit hole and asks: What do I really want?" Tatum added that the character is "really strong, almost stronger than Mike... we've never done a traditional lvoe story, and this isn't a traditional love story."


Magic Mike's Last Dance is in production now, but there is no word on when we might see it for ourselves. Hayek has not commented on the drama at the Oscars 2022 ceremony or the alleged rift between Tatum and Newton.