Sally Field Fans Still Applauding Her Getting Arrested During Climate Change Protest

Sally Field's arrest while protesting climate change inaction in Washington D.C. Friday as part of Jane Fonda's weekly demonstration has fans of the actress applauding her activism even still. The Gidget actress, 73, was led off by police in zip tie handcuffs to the sound of applause alongside 26 others after rallying for climate change to be addressed more seriously outside of the Capitol, as per CNN.

"I am a mother, I am a grandmother," Field said in a speech Friday. "The time is now. We cannot sit back in our comfort zones, on our couches, and wonder, 'What can we do?'"

Friday's was the 10th week of protests in Washington and featured American environmentalist Winona LaDuke, who protested the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as Fonda. Previous protests have been attended by June Diane Raphael, Kyra Sedgwick and Diane Lane, as well as Ben & Jerry's founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

Field's role in the protest was applauded by fans and activists on Twitter:

Earlier this month, Field was honored for her storied career at the Kennedy Center, telling Gayle King on CBS This Morning ahead of time, "Oh, acting has healed me in a lot of ways. Each time it asked me to find something inside of myself I didn't wanna know. And to own those pieces of myself is freeing."

King then asked, "When you reflect on your career, what are you most proud of?"

"I guess in reality what I'm most proud of is that I'm still here," Field said, "that I still deeply, profoundly care that I'm an actor. I am so lucky to be able to do something I love."


Photo credit: John Lamparski/Getty Images