Ryan Reynolds Reveals Embarrassingly Gross Story About His Mother Once Washing Her Hands With a Urinal Cake

Ryan Reynolds joined singer Camila Cabello for a round of "True Confessions" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night and things got weird and embarrassing really fast. The Deadpool star admitted his mother once washed her hands with a urinal cake, which is used as a deodorizer in men's public restrooms. Most surprisingly, this unfortunate incident happened just two months ago.

In the game, Fallon has his celebrity guests reveal a confession, and it is up to him and the other guest to decide if it is true or not. The segment with Reynolds and Cabello instantly began with Reynolds' story that his mother used a urinal cake to wash her hands. The two men at the table had to explain to Cabello what it was, since she doesn't "visit those very often."

After defining "urinal cake" for the former Fifth Harmony singer, Reynolds revealed that this story only happened two months ago at a family member's funeral.

"It was an outdoor funeral. There was a little porta-potty type thing that had both the toilet and then it also had, like, this little space-age urinal thing that could very easily be confused as a sink with a little puck in it," Reynolds explained, notes Us Weekly. "She accidentally used the urinal cake thinking it was soap, washing her hands."

Reynolds assured Fallon and Cabello his mother did not find it in a men's restroom. It was at a "space-age sort of urinal thing."

"She washed her hands with it and then left going, 'Oh, it smells funny,'" Reynolds said of his mother.
Fallon and Cabello insisted it was a lie, but Reynolds insisted it was true.

"In her defense, a lot of people don't know that that's a urinal cake," Reynolds joked. "Also, what kind of A-hole calls it a cake?"

Reynolds has been on a press tour to promote Michael Bay's new action thriller 6 Underground, which was released on Netflix Friday.

The actor has also attracted extra attention for the latest commercial promoting his gin brand Aviation Gin, "The Gift That Doesn't Give Back." The commercial acts as an unofficial sequel to the controversial Peloton holiday commercial "The Gift That Gives Back," in which a woman is given an exercise bike for Christmas by her husband. Actress Monica Ruiz stars in both commercials.

Reynolds and Ruiz appeared on the Today Show this week, with Reynolds surprising Ruiz. It was the first time the two met.


Reynolds also has several movies lined-up for 2020, beginning with Free Guy, which opens on July 3. In the movie, he plays a bank teller who discovers he is really a non-playable character in a violent video game.

Photo credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images