Royal Sources Brand Prince Harry as Untrustworthy Amid Prince William Rift

Prince Harry and Prince William presented a united front earlier in July as they reunited to unveil a statue of their mother, the late Princess Diana, but out of the public eye, their royal rift is as deep as ever, at least according to some royal sources. Amid continued speculation regarding the state of their relationship, and hope that they will one day be able to smooth things over, one royal source seemed to indicate Harry is the problem, labeling the younger of the two brothers as untrustworthy.

In a new report from the Mirror, one source, whose connection to the family was not provided, claimed that amid their second reunion this year, there are members of both Diana's family and the British royal family who "continue to hold onto any crumb of hope that the two brothers will repair their relationship." However, there are others within the royal family that "definitely feel the damage is done." Those members, according to the source, believe "it is almost impossible for Harry to be trusted again."

Although the first inklings of a rift began to swirl in early 2020 after Harry and wife Meghan Markle announced they would be stepping back as working royals, things came to a crux in March of this year when the Sussexes sat down for a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. During that interview, several bombshell accusations were raised, including that there were "questions and concerns" about little Archie's skin tone and Markle's mental health was largely overlooked by "the Institution." Harry also admitted that his relationship with his brother was "space at the moment." The interview only seemed to deepen the alleged rift, and all eyes were on the brothers as they reunited in April for Prince Philip's funeral, and headlines were grabbed when they did not walk side-by-side in the funeral procession. Just a little more than two months later, the brothers reunited again on July 1 at Kensington Palace.

"Despite William and Harry coming together this week for the sole cause of commemorating their mother's legacy, Harry is very much on the outside," a separate source told the Mirror. "They put on a show, did what they had to do to make sure the day went without a hitch and said goodbye. It was nothing more, there was nothing to discuss. Things are still far too raw for William and other members of the family to entertain Harry, so it's best to let things lie for the moment."


Neither William nor Harry have made any further comments on the state of their relationship. Sources claimed that ahead of their reunion this month, they only communicated via a handful of text messages. At this time, it is unclear when they will reunite again, with Harry now living in California with Markle and their two children.