Did Rosie O'Donnell Defend Roseanne Barr's Vicious Valerie Jarrett Tweet?

Rosie O'Donnell has responded to Roseanne Barr's vicious Valerie Jarrett tweet, with many wondering if the former talk show host is defending the comedian.

In a tweet, O'Donnell said the comment Barr "tweeted was racist and childish and beneath her best self," later adding that the actress "has apologized."

O'Donnell also wrote that she loves Barr "quite a bit," and that Twitter "is a dangerous place."

It's unclear what she means by acknowledging Barr's apology and adding the "dangerous" comment about Twitter, but many have speculated that she could have been defending the star.

Someone fired back at O'Donnell, "When you are white, its fine to apologize and move on. When one is colored WE are affected by Roseanne, her believes and her ugly, vulgar views because it is part of the fabric of Trump's country, law and order. This is not a joke Rosie!"

O'Donnell simply responded to the comment by reiterating that Barr's "racist comment was childish and beneath her best self."

A number of other twitter users have replied to O'Donnell, with one writing, "Blacks have been subjected to racism since we were brought to this country in chains. We've fought long and hard for freedom and equality. Roseanne has made repeated racist remarks about us. Calling us 'apes' is a transgression that can't be forgiven. We deserve & demand better."

"I love you [Rosie] but actions speak louder than words and you need to check that. Support your friend by helping her examine and shed her racist beliefs. That apology was not enough," another person tweeted to O'Donnell. "Step in the shoes of people of color living in THIS day and time. We've had ENOUGH."


"She has a history of this, Rosie," one other follower shot back at O'Donnell. "She has hit below her best quite a bit, hasn't she? I grew up watching her shows, I'm completely disgusted and I'm disappointed in you for not having more vigor on the subject , as you have with people who are not your friends."

O'Donnell has replied to a number of the people tweeting at her, mostly echoing her initial sentiments that Barr's tweet was "childish and racist," and "beneath her."