Roseanne Barr Condemns 'Racist, Antisemitic' Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack

Roseanne Barr has taken a strong stance against the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue on [...]

Roseanne Barr has taken a strong stance against the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday, in a new tweet posted on Sunday afternoon.

Barr took to Twitter with strong words for her followers after this weekend's horrific shooting. A gunman killed 11 people and injured six others in the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday morning. Barr, who has delved into her Jewish faith for solace since her show was canceled back in May, was hit hard by the tragedy.

"I pray that this terrible attack on Jews will be the catalyst for Americans to finally wake up as to the deep and rife scourge of racist anti-Semitic bigotry that exists in our country," she wrote.

Barr's tweet was met with firm agreement from most of her followers. They all seemed to be in agreement that discrimination and domestic terrorism are deplorable, though they quickly devolved into more political issues in the replies.

"Roseanne... I pray this is the case, there is NOT enough attention to this issue in America," one person wrote. "The Jewish community is always overlooked when it comes to racism. I am not Jewish but I feel the plight is enormous and not taken seriously enough by anyone. I care deeply."

"As a Pittsburgher this was a horrible day one that should never have happened and I agree Roseanne," added another. "Americans need to wake up that the time is now for change to come. Tt boggles my mind how any human being can harbor that much hate against another individual or race. So very sad."

"This was a lone nut. Nuts will always exist," one person argued. "Hired guards at places are necessary during THESE times. Great jobs for retired police and armed forces. I'd feel safer if there were more POLICE around me than not."

"4 ARMED OFFICERS WERE SHOT," pointed out another. "So what makes you think 1 armed guard could have stopped it?"

Of course, since Barr mentioned Judaism, someone replied with the infamous photos of Barr dressed as Adolf Hitler, eating burnt cookies from the oven.

"Huh.. Care to explain your anti-Semitic hate then?!" they wrote.

Barr did not interact with her fans on these issues on Twitter. She has been focusing on her Jewish identity a lot recently, filtering many of her public statements through her spiritual adviser Rabbi Schmuley.

Two weeks ago, she uploaded the first episode of what she apparently intends to be a new series titled News For Jews. It consisted of an hour-long phone call between herself and Rabbi Schmuley, discussing the finer points of certain parts of the Bible. The show is available on YouTube.