Rod Stewart Spotted out on Crutches and Fans Are Concerned

Rod Stewart was on crutches during a public appearance this weekend, leaving fans worried about his health. The singer appeared at a soccer game in the U.K., where he was supporting himself on elbow crutches and occasionally getting help from others. Whatever his status, Stewart looked perfectly happy at the game.

Stewart was a spectator at a soccer game in Bishop's Stortford, England on Sunday, just days after his 75th birthday. In photos published by the Daily Mail, he could be seen making his way around the field with the help of crutches cinched around his forearms. He also wore slip-on boots and track pants as he watched the game.

Stewart had reportedly undergone a successful knee surgery during the week, which could explain his crutches. By all appearances, he is recovering well — after being discharged from the hospital on Friday, he is already on his feet.

Still, fans feared for Stewart when they saw the photos out of context. On social media, some fans worried that Stewart was dealing with something more serious.

Once they learned the truth, fans congratulated Stewart on a successful surgery, though some were made nervous by his own posts. The singer's feed is full of promotions for his upcoming North American tour, and fans are worried about how he will endure the performances so soon after surgery.

"What, with them new knees? lol Steady old fella," one fan tweeted with a winking emoticon.

"Remember behave yourself now Rod getting old," added another.

Just last week Stewart shared a video of himself dancing as if his knees were completely pain-free, giving no indication that he was heading into surgery. The clip has a lot of fans excited for his upcoming tour, which will take him to the U.S. beginning in March.

This string of medical coverage comes just over a week after Stewart was in the headlines for a less savory reason — an arrest. He was taken into custody in Palm Beach, Florida on New Year's Eve, according to a report by PEOPLE, after getting into a violent altercation with a bouncer.

Stewart was with his oldest son, Sean at the time, and they were trying to get into a private event at The Breakers. When they were denied, Sean reportedly shoved someone whom he thought was a security guard. Stewart himself then punched the same person in the ribs.


"It was a brief misunderstanding and neither Rod nor Sean were detained," said a source familiar with knowledge of the situation. "Apologies were exchanged and there were no injuries."

Stewart and his son are due back in court on Feb. 5.