Robert Forster: 'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Pays Tribute to 'Legend' 'El Camino' Co-Star Following Death

Breaking Bad and El Camino star Aaron Paul is speaking out after the passing of his co-star Robert Forster. The actor died on Friday at the age of 78 after a long battle with brain cancer. His death came on the same day as the release of one of his final roles in the Netflix film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story, where he reprised his role of Ed Galbraith from the hit AMC drama series.

Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman in the series and the new film, took to Twitter to honor the late actor.

"I am heartbroken to hear the news of the passing of Robert Forster. My God," Paul wrote along with a black heart emoji. "I had the privilege of knowing this beautiful man and working along side of him. A true gentleman that loved to act. I love you my friend. Thank you for loving me. You are and always will be a legend."

Fans quickly responded to the touching note with their own thoughtful messages about Forster's legacy, along with their grief from seeing him shine as an actor in the new Netflix sequel film.

"The scene with you and him in #ElCamino was one of the highlights of the movie," one fan commented.

"Makes the goodbye in Alaska all the poignant. Walter White was fighting cancer in the show, Robert Forster was fighting it in real time," another fan commented, adding a black heart emoji.

"Seeing him in #ElCamino was truly a privilege. I also remember watching him in The Descendants and Olympus Has Fallen. I hope he is resting well now," another fan wrote.

"El Camino’s final act hitting super hard [right now]. Rest In Peace to a legend," another Twitter user wrote.


Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston also shared a thoughtful message to his former co-star on Twitter Friday, writing: "I'm saddened today by the news that Robert Forster has passed away. A lovely man and a consummate actor. I met him on the movie Alligator 40 years ago, and then again on BB. I never forgot how kind and generous he was to a young kid just starting out in Hollywood. RIP Bob."

Along with his memorable Breaking Bad role, Forster was known for his Oscar-nominated role in Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown. The actor also appeared in more than 100 films and other television shows like Last Man Standing, Desperate Housewives and more.