'RHONJ' Star Teresa Giudice Gives Lori Loughlin Advice About Serving Prison Time: 'She'll Be Fine'

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice recently gave Lori Loughlin some advice about [...]

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice recently gave Lori Loughlin some advice about serving prison time, saying she thinks the former Full House star will "be fine" if she winds up behind bars. Giudice was previously sentenced to serve time in a federal prison, serving a total of 11-months in 2015. Loughlin potentially faces a 45 year sentence if she is found guilty if the charges against her in the college admissions scandal.

While speaking to ET, Giudice offered her thoughts on Loughlin's possible jail time, saying, "I'm sure she'll make it through. I feel women are strong. We have babies, we do it all."

"I'm sure whatever outcome it is, I'm sure she'll be fine with it," she later added.

Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are alleged to have committed bribery and various other crimes, in order to get their daughters into the University of Southern California.

Last month, it was reported that a grand jury in Boston returned new charges against 18 people in the case, including Loughlin and Giannulli. According to a Department of Justice statement, the District of Massachusetts grand jury alleged that 11 defendants "conspired to commit federal program bribery by bribing employees of the University of Southern California (USC) to facilitate their children's admission."

After new charges were revealed, a source close to the couple told PEOPLE that they were feeling even more pressure now, stating, "This stress is about to break them."

"They feel like this is David versus Goliath," the insider added. "How do you go up against the federal government, when the government has decided to make an example out of you? How can you possibly move forward from this?"

"She is angry, she is sad, but most of all, she is terrified," the source continued. "It just gets worse and worse for her. And you have to remember: nothing new has happened. They could have charged her with all of this last spring. But they waited. She feels like she is a scapegoat."

The couple subsequently pleaded not guilty to the conspiracy charges, as they have all the other charges against them.

Many have taken to social media to comment on Loughlin's situation, with a number of people expressing that they feel she should face justice for her role in the scandal.

"After paying $500,000 to get her daughters into USC Lori Loughlin is now feeling 'stressed' before her pretrial hearing. I've heard people who have to take out huge student loans, while also working 2 jobs in college, can also feel a little 'stressed.' Poor Lori. #privilege," one person tweeted.

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