Reese Witherspoon Stuns Drew Barrymore With 'Sweet Home Alabama' Revelation

Reese Witherspoon's major revelation about filming her iconic rom-com Sweet Home Alabama was enough to make Drew Barrymore gasp! The Your Place or Mine actress, 46, went all-in playing the game "Behind the Scenes" during an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show in honor of Valentine's Day, dropping some fun trivia about her most iconic films.

It's when Witherspoon got to her 2002 film Sweet Home Alabama that she really got Barrymore excited, however. "I remember that scene that we shot in the rain and I'm in the wedding dress and I run away from my wedding and I run to see Josh Lucas on the beach and it was pouring down rain," she said, "but I remember thinking, 'This is such a crazy, amazing moment. I'm gonna remember this forever.' And I still have the wedding dress."

The audience was clearly shocked at the news, and Barrymore even let out a gasp at the admission. Fans have been rallying for a Sweet Home Alabama reboot for years now, and The Morning Show star gave hope for a possible return to her character Melanie Smooter while appearing on the TODAY show in October 2022 in honor of the film's 20th anniversary.

Asked about a possible "reboot" of the film, Witherspoon said she thought it would "be a great idea," shrugging when asked if she would star in it once again. "That sounds fun. Do you guys want me to do it?" Witherspoon asked, before cryptically saying she would "make some calls." Lucas would be in to reprise his role as Jake Perry as well, telling Entertainment Tonight in December that he would "love to" be a part of a sequel.

"I've campaigned [it to Witherspoon]," he answered at the time. "I'm not gonna say that she's the problem, but I think part of it is that Reese is so busy. ... I really believe that – I'm assuming, I hope – she wants to be part of it. Carving out that piece of her life isn't so easy for her. I don't have the same responsibilities or time constraints, so I hope that she could find a time to do it. I'll be there tomorrow."