Rapper Paul Wall Involved in Head-on Collision on Way to Concert With 12-Year-Old Son

Rapper Paul Wall is counting his blessing after he and his 12-year-old son were involved in a serious car crash over the weekend.

The Houston-born rapper, whose real name is Paul Michael Slayton, revealed to his fans on Monday via an Instagram post that the vehicle that he and his 12-year-old son were traveling in on their way to his concert featuring Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and Lil' Flip in Austin, Texas Saturday night was struck by another vehicle head-on.

Neither Wall nor his son were seriously injured in the collision.

(Photo: Instagram / @paulwallbaby)

"So crazy last night…" he began the post, which showed the damaged vehicles. "This was my son first time Comin with squad. He's came to shows before but only when my wife @cryswallbaby_bamf is there."

He went on to explain that six people in total were in the van and that he and his son "prayed that God would protect us while we are out, that our travels would be safe, and that our family and home would be protected" before they left for the night.

"Right as we pulled into the concert venue @nuttybrownamphitheatre I looked out the window and see a white truck coming right toward us," he continued. "He had just came through the stop light there. He had 2 hands on the wheel, and he was buckling down as he was speeding up to hit us."

"Both vehicles are completely totaled. We all had to climb out of the back of the sprinter because it had spunt around and bent in all the metal, broken glass," he added. "My son was sitting directly behind me with his seat belt on (back row passenger). The fact that we were all able to walk away in tact is a miracle."

(Photo: Instagram / @paulwallbaby)

In a second post, the "Trill" rapper explained his state following the crash, sharing a photo of himself and his son "before we faced death."

"No matter how much pain I feel all over my body at the moment, I'm overcome with gratitude knowing that we survived," Wall wrote. "Right now it's difficult to walk. It's actually difficult to move at all. I'm sore all over my body, and my head / neck hurts so much it's difficult to talk and hold a conversation. But in time I'll be back to normal."

"Its incredible that I'm able to write this out right now. I'm so grateful to God that my fellow passengers were all safe and especially that my son's life was spared," he continued. "Anybody that has ever known me- knows how much my son means to me. I'm still in shock that we survived."


"The pain is excruciating, and I was only prescribed Tylenol 3 but I'm so happy, like fr [for real] so so so so so happy that my son and my friends are ok," he concluded. "God's Grace is amazing. All praise and glory be to God"

It is currently not clear what led to the accident or if charges will be pressed against the driver of the other vehicle.